04 September 2011

New additions to our family!!

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen some hedgie related tweets! About a month ago my lovelyness approached me with the idea of getting pet hedgehogs. Initially I was like....oooo..kaaaay! But after looking into it and meeting some in person I decided why the hell not! As ya do. We have been in touch with breeders over in the uk and will be "popping" over on the ferry next weekend to pick up two hedgehogs. In preparation shane has been visiting a forum daily for advice, we have hired a carpenter to make us a home for our little fellas, bought all the necessery equipment needed. Shane has also gone a little over board and got two little webcams so we can invade their privacy and so their breeders can see how they are doing from time to time. Anyway would you like to see the little fellas? Of course you would! Shane has already named his skittles but I would like to wait till I meet the second hedgie before I name him!



Here is the home we had made especially for them! I have to admit when it arrived and I seen the size of it I did curse alot, but i'm very excited for the guys to arrive! 

Hedgies aren't known for getting on so each guy has his own bachelor pad and the bottom press is going to be storage for their food and other bits and bobs. We went to Homebase today and picked up some paint to decorate it. Shanes going for an orange theme and i'm going for royal blue! 

We can't adopt them until they are six weeks old which is next week but we have been keeping in touch with the breeders since they where born, this is the youngest photo we have.

 More cute pictures!!!

If you have any suggestions on names please comment below. 


  1. Gorgeous!! We used to have one called Chog but they're Gráinneog in Irish aren't they?

    In my house he'd be called G Unit :D

  2. Oh my goodness they are so cute, sorry I can't help with a name but my 13 year old daughter said she would call it Pickle, like prickle but without the R. Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. I. Am. So. frickin. JEALOUS! Ive wanted a hedgehog forever!! Did you have to go to england to get one?is there no breeders at all here?when i move out ill need a new companion as my dog will be at home;( altho i am moving to london for college next year so i guess its all the one:L Xxx

  4. awww hedgehogs are gorgeous animals.
    soooo cute.

    We used to get them in our garden and we used to leave them food and drink but I have not seen one for ages. xx

  5. SO SO CUTE!!! ..I've always wanted a hedgehog!! <3

  6. Three days till we get to pick them up!!!

  7. TOO TOO adorable! It makes me want one!

  8. They are beyond CUTE! I love the name Skittles.... I think your little fella definatley looks like an 'Alf'... He kinda reminds me of the cartoon character! :)

  9. ahhhh i cant believe u are gettng them YAY

    they are so cute i am jello!

  10. Oh god, I had never heard of pet hedgehogs before. They are soo cute. Wow, now I want one!:D
    Lucky you!

  11. ZOMG TOO CUTE! I've always wanted hedgies! Looking forward to seeing them on the webcam (if it's public). I have a webcam for my bunnies too, over at http://adorabun.tv. [It's not turned on right this minute in case you're looking, as I'm supposed to be cleaning them but I'm procrastinating :P]

    We do a cute corner post over on our blog every Sunday; I'd LOVE to feature your hedgies! If you're interested pop us an email with some pics :)

  12. I never realised you had hedgehogs! I saw your christmas prezzie post and just thought you really liked them lol. They are so cute, and webcams are such a good idea I'd love to see what he's like when we aren't there, at the minute he just hides :( can't wait until he is properly used to us. Alfie and Skittles look so sweet :) xxx


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