07 November 2011

Storage advice please!

My current storage

I am fed up with storing my nail polish this way, in a draw never seeing the light of day. I hardly ever paint my nails anymore, partly due to work but I also think I forget I even own any nail varnish sometimes. I want to display them, have them out to encourage me to use them.


The first is a Polish rack table display holds 60 bottles and costs $27.50 from an American website. I had clicked to buy and was all ready to shell out when the other half stopped me. He went on about custom tax and how I might have to pay more to claim the package than the item itself. I do not like the sound of that!

Second option is this Pink nail vanish storage from ebay which can stand like in the picture shown or be wall mounted and costs €31.44 plus €5 delivery.

I have in the past decorated an old spice rack and it looked pretty cool and would have made a fab nail polish holder, if I only had eight bottles but I have more than that! It really was pretty but now its back in the kitchen, check it out HERE

So which would you choose? I know the wall mount would be handy. Neat and out of the way but I am really drawn to the table step display apart from the possible custom tax hassle.


  1. the first one is way nicer if you can find one more locally!

  2. the second one don't look that strong, the first one is ok, a lot of people say the ones u put on the wall are good,,

  3. is the $27.50 inc postage, as it converts to £17.14. i'm not sure if ireland is the same but in england items can be up to £18 and custom free :)
    i do like the first one better, perhaps look nearer to home if you don't like the customs risk? best i can find is £32.50 inc delivery to you x

  4. I don't know how do-it-yourself your are (but by the looks of your pretty spice rack I'd say you could do it) but we made our own nail polish racks. We just took planks of wood (I think 2x3's) and my husband installed them on the wall to look like floating shelves.

    Even though this is a picture of my old polish set-up, you can see the shelves here: http://www.valentinekisses.com/nails/myinhomenailsalon.htm

    It was fairly cheap because you just need to pay for the wood and nails. of course you can paint the shelves if you'd like.

    My new set-up is way more awesome. I moved my nail room and combined it into a nail/makeup/hair girly paradise! I have a full wall of shelves for my nail polish collection! We're almost done installing and putting everything away and then I will add the updated pics of my new heaven :)

  5. I think i prefer the first one but personally i think you should wait and look around, you might find something nicer(and cheaper!)


  6. If the order is over €25 including postage you can get stung for customs so you might get away with the shelves you were looking at.

    I really like these:

    I keep mine in fancy shoeboxes


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