15 October 2011

New Hair Style

Girls my hair was growing out all kinds of crazy and I really wanted a change so I set out to find myself a new style. I asked my lovely friends on twitter if they had any suggestions for me. @GDSineadReilly suggested I should try out the Mohawk....what do you think ladies?

I was looking for something a little edgy but perhaps this was a bit too much and not appropriate for work.I also had a lovely suggestion from @LaurenMarieMUA to go for the Britney Spears chop but that option was far too short than I was willing to go!!!

So here it is my new do!

Short and a little bit edgy, I did take some advice from the girls! I also took @Tildzbox advice to get my hair coloured a plum shade but my camera is going through the change at the moment (hence the quality being bloody awful!) so the colour isn't showing properly. 


  1. looks stunning, i was worried when i saw the short short sides on the mohawk but when you styled it "normal" i looks just fab, so flattering on you :) xx

  2. It looks amazing! Really suits you! xx

  3. Really like it, lovely shape. I just done my hair last night!

  4. Your hair looks nice, unique and fun!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Gorgeous new hairstyle, I love it!

  6. I love your new hair!!! Your so pretty :)


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