04 January 2012

Home Improvments

Myself and Shane got a few jobs done around the house over the Christmas holidays. Is it just me or is Christmas television getting worse every year? I had asked Santa for a fancy coat rack for Christmas but he told me to "fuck off, there is no room for one" so I had to think of an alternative solution to the pile of coats on the stairs. I didn't take long and soon enough we made our way to Homebase to look for some hooks. See below what we did.



I am a happy bunny. The pile of coats aren't going to fall off the stair rail every time we go to get our coats and it has also worked out well for hiding the little door that leads to a million wires under the stairs which make it possible for me to write this blog today.

Let's get spicy

We have been getting into our spices alot lately. The little spice rack I decorated a few months ago can no longer house our collection so we also picked up some larger ones and Shane even tried his hand at decoupaging! He did a great job and it only took him a whole night. I finished mine in under an hour. Just saying.

Someone likes Paprika. ALOT.

This weekend I am planning on dragging himself to a few D.I.Y shops. Would love to get the hallway and kitchen painted before the end of the month and we need curtains for the sitting room. Wish us luck!


  1. Those are Fab coat Hooks! I would never Ever thought of hanging the coat hooks in that place!!!! Genius!!!!

  2. I need to start DIY. IMPRESSED by you!!


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