01 January 2012

I am loving - Eyeliner

I have been no stranger to using eyeliner over the past year but I have avoiding using it on my lower lash line at all cost. There are two reason for this. Firstly I thought it might have looked a bit too much, too in your face. Secondly in my experience the eyeliner never stayed put. An hour later I would have panda eyes! Recently I decided to brace the lower lash line with a pencil eyeliner by Jemma Kidd in Screen siren or black to you and I!

I like the effect it had, I didn't go mad on my eye make-up. I left it simple and wore just a nude lip colour.

I recently bought Fearnes (Fearn cotton) eye pencil set in boots as part of their Christmas 3 for 2 deal and cannot wait to try them out.

More photos of these pencils coming soon.


  1. I hardly ever wear eyeliner nowadays! It brings back memories of being a young teenage emo and plastering it around my eyes!

    Might give it a whirl today though! xx

  2. I love eyeliners too, but never managed to get it right with liquid ones, Gel liners and pencils saves my day!

  3. I also never wear eyeliner on my waterline unless I'm going on a night out, it seems too harsh for me. Your eyebrows look amazing here by the way!


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