01 January 2012

Don't always listen to the "experts"

My experience with Murads Exfoiliating Cleanser.

I went to get my eyebrows done a few months back (forgot to blog about this, better late than never!) and the lady mentioned my forehead looking like shit. She didn't say it in those words but that's what she meant. I personally didn't see the problem. She pointed out some bumps lying underneath my skin and asked me what I was using and I told her I was using Neutrogenas daily facial scrub in the mornings. She recommended using Murads Exfoiliating Cleanser, saying it would clear up my "problem" in no time at all. I'm sure it had noting to do with the price tag being €45. I know what your thinking but it was my birthday and I had some birthday money so I said why the hell not. I did make sure to ask her could I use to to replace my daily facial scrub and she said yes.

After a week this is what happened to my skin. 

Because of the price tag I thought this stuff must be pretty strong so I made sure only to use a pea sized amount for my face. After a week I thought this is not right and contacted my brainy friends (who from here on in I will refer to as "The Twins") who know everything about everything and told them about my experience. One gasped and I'm pretty sure the other one called me a retard, she's affectionate like that! They explained the ingredients of the product to me and that I should only be using it twice a week if that. I should have went with my gut instinct when I seen the price tag and left it on the shelf but the lady freaked me out. I left with fabulous eyebrows but convinced my skin looked awful. 

Since then I have been good and my skin has cleared up alot. I have also been using good moisturisers such as Neutrogena Multi-Defence daily Moisturiser and Oilatum Natural Repair face cream and drinking lots of water. My skin has improved greatly.


  1. Thats awful they seem so horrible lol. being a beautician myself they should know and i know that products don't suit everyone!!! think their the retards some how haha xx

  2. I tried out a similar one from a beauty box, definitely not an everyday product, you should go back and complain about the woman telling you it was!


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