07 February 2012

My attempt at Beckys 'Fierce Flowers' look.

I went to IMATS London last weekend with four wonderful women. One of them was Becky from beckysblog . I have been subbed to her youtube channel now for over a year and I love her make-up looks. She is a genius when it comes to what colours go well together and her talent for eye make-up is out of this world. Having the chance to meet her in person was amazing. I even got to see how she applied her make-up for IMATS. She went for an amazing green, yellow glitter look. She was turning heads and even got asked if she was a model. I decided today to try out one of her looks, its called Fierce Flowers and you can watch the tutorial yourself below.

I am no way near as talented as Becky and I don't have the gorgeous sugarpill shadows she uses but I really like my attempt and will try to experiment more with colours.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :D Its always fun to play around with different colours :D

  2. to be honest I tried it ^^ I will put photos some way or another ^^
    but your is very close and it suits you, realy these colors are beautiful on you !!! <3


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