26 February 2012

HD Brows - The patch test.

Up until a week ago I have never heard of the salon treatment HD (high definition) Brows. I have heard of the term and just assumed it was applying a hell of a lot of brow pencil and making your eyebrows appear really thick! How wrong was I! A craze has hit Ireland recently with women flocking to salons across the country to get this treatment done so what is it exactly? Hd Brows is a seven step process which involves shaping, tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming and finishing off by soothing the skin and filling in any gaps with eyebrow pencil.

I have had all of the above treatments done but never in the same sitting! How would I fair out?. I love waxing because its so quick and not as painful to endure. Threading is great because I believe it delivers the best shape and tweezing is handy for any stray hairs but I find that the most painful option of the three for me.

The closest salon to me that provides this treatment is Carter Beauty in Blackrock. It cost's a whopping €50 which is a lot more than the €17 I usually pay to get them threaded but I really believe in well groomed brows. When my brows are done I feel extremely confident when I'm not wearing make-up and when I am wearing make-up groomed brows just enhance my look like noting else. I have also heard alot of people say brows are important for framing your face.

Next week I have booked myself into Carter Beauty and I am really excited to see the after results.(Updated post on my appointment here) Trust me, if you could see my brows right now you would be shocked and appalled ! Before I go ahead with thsi treatment I have to preform a patch test 48 hours before hand.

I went into Carter Beauty this week to pick up the patch test. They offered to send me one in the post but I was heading into Blackrock anyway to check out the markets so thought I might as well head in and get it myself. Case out the joint you know yourself! I was greeted immediately by a friendly staff member and was out the door in under twenty seconds with clear instructions for the following week. My boyfriend who had gone off to do manly window shopping hadn't even crossed the street when I came out!

Clear instructions inside the HD Brows patch test.

Have you had this done before of heard of anyone getting it done?. I will be blogging about the after results next weekend so keep an eye out for that. I wonder if I will fall in love with this treatment and will I be content with spending €50 every month and doing small touch-ups at home. Would you spend that much on your brows?

Till next weekend, lots of love.



  1. My eyebrows were threading within an inch of their life about 7 months ago, and since them they have been sparse and so fine :(

    I was having them shaped up as usual at my salon and my beautician tried to sell the HD Brows to me. I was initially really impressed with how they outcome sounds, and the knowing that I could have full eyebrows again at last!

    However, the only think that puts me off is the up keep and the expense. I'll keep checking back to see how you get on. You might just tempt me round!


    1. That happend to me before when I got them tweezed. The lady didn't ask me what I wanted and just began hacking away you might say! I presumed she knew what she was doing but O NO! I didn't have acceptable brows for nearly a year! My brother use to take the mick out of me something rotten! I can't wait to see the results and will post after photos asap :D

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