21 February 2012

Pancake monster!

I already spent the day making pancakes with the kids at work and of course I sampled a few. You know, to make sure they where safe for the children of course.

When I got home I was surprised that I had a hankering for more. MOOOORE!! Shane worked his magic. This involved him throwing unmeasured amounts of milk and flour into a blender with eggs and hey presto!! PANCAKES!

This is how I like mine.

Step one: Get someone else to make you a pancake. I like mine in more of a crepe form.
Step two: lather on some chocolate spread. Nutella is what I used.
Step three: roll and serve with ice cream.

DROOOLL! Hope you all had a lovely pancake day ladies!


  1. We just had ours with the same thing ergh i feel sick too many! p.s. My shane made a mess, hope urs didn't lol! x

  2. cant beat a nutella pancake mmm! cute blog :) xx

  3. It was nutella day sometime this past week. I would love a crepe right now

  4. i love nutella! i use to dip almonds into nutella as snack lol


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