11 February 2012

Iv'e been awarded the Versatile blog award!

I was so delighted to find out that Hannah awarded me the Versatile Blog award this evening. Hannah's blog is love life and makeup . She's Irish (wooo hoo) and just as obsessed with make up as I am!

As part of the blog award I must share seven things about myself to you and name ten other wonderful blogs and pass the award onto them. Fun times.

Seven things about me

  1. I love baking and if something doesn't come out as planned I cover it in icing and eat it anyway! 
  2. Apart from my work uniform (which I HAVE to wear) I do not own one pair of trousers/jeans.
  3. I spend way too much time on eBay. Selling and buying.
  4. My favourite television programmes are Greys anatomy, Falling skies, The walking dead, Glee, storage wars and Grand designs.
  5. I don't/can't drive.
  6. I like to wait till my room gets extremely messy before I go mental and clean it to the point that it looks like a showroom.  
  7. I am currently falling in love with MAC lipsticks. Proud owner of two so far. bless!

I would like to pass this award onto the following gorgeous, beautiful, talented, AMAZING ladies.

Make sure you check out all these wonderful blogs. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and thank you Hannah for passing this award onto me.



  1. Ah thanks Sarah.

    I'm the same when it comes to cleaning my room.

  2. I hsve Tagged you in 11 questions! Please don't feel like you have to do it just passing it on :)


  3. Cheers Sara, that's really sweet of you! :o)

  4. Well done on the award Sarah :) I too feel your blog is very versatile, so well deserved!


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