17 April 2012

Yes to Carrots- Body lotion

Coming up to summer I am preparing my skin to be seen by the general public! Spring seems to have gone crazy and the last two weeks have been Baltic so  I wont be wearing my maxi dresses any time soon. For me I find that I have to use a body lotion over a number of weeks before I see any noticeable results and there is no time like the present to start taking care of your skin laaadies!. 

Yes to carrots body lotion is a great product if you suffer from dry or itchy skin. With a number of intense ingredients such as soy and allantoin this lotion has left my skin feeling brand new! Last week I had a few children in my class coming over and touching my arms and hands telling me I had soft skin. If children noticed the difference after two weeks then I'm sure everyone else will too. 

Say yes to...

New packaging.
Affordable price, €13.25 for 170g.
Natural goodness.
Petroleum, paraben and SLS free.
Intensive moisturization.
Noticeable results in skin softness

"I DO"

Iv'e only been using it once a day in the mornings after I shower but Yes to carrots recommends using it twice daily if you have targeted affected areas. I am very happy with this product and the size of the packaging for the price. 


  1. Ooooh! I love these! The cucumber face one is great too, and I'd swear it helps with my luggage under my eyes!

  2. Ooh! Id love to try this out! It sounds great!


  3. I was just looking at a feature on these, they look so nice, think I'm going to try out some of the range soon! I did get a lip tint in one of my beauty boxes last month!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  4. I really would like to try this, thanks for the recommendation. :-)
    I'm dying to get off this project 10pan and be able to use nice skincare again! I've run out of all my good products but haven't used up all the make-up yet lol
    Jen x x

  5. I love the Yes to Carrots range. I use the face moisturiser and it's the best moisturiser I've used! My skin is dry-very dry/oily and this is the only thing that's worked for my dry skin. I definitely need to try the body lotion :)


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