19 April 2012

Obsessed Jewellery

This very nicely wrapped parcel arrived for me today from none other than Rachel . Now I know Rachel from Youtube and from her Blog but I must have been under a rock recently because I had NO IDEA she had her own jewellery store! I found out through twitter when I saw somebody else tweeting about their equally nicely wrapped parcel. 

I headed on over to her Website and proceeded to oooh and ahhh at all the lovely items on there. I thought what the hell, im going to treat myself! And I did just that. 

I purchased three items from Rachel's site and she threw in a lovely ring for being her first customer. She even wrote my address in purple because she knew that was my favourite colour. Talk about attention to detail.

I didn't buy this Handlebar Moustache Double finger ring but you can buy it on her site for just €6

I am really happy with all the items I purchased and they arrived the day after I ordered them. Happy bunny all round.

Check out her site HERE


  1. Aww theres some really lovely pieces here!


  2. These look awesome love the moustache ring :')


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