25 April 2012

New Addition to the Girl Cave

I've been meaning to get some clothes storage for my girl cave. I thought it would be nice for blogging and haul videos on YouTube to have them easily accessible. My bedroom is upstairs and my wardrobe is pretty jammers at the moment already so a clothing rail has made a nice addition to my girl cave downstairs and holds my new items recently purchased from Ebay, Penneys, Dunnes etc.

I got this rail in Argos for €10.91 and I couldn't resist getting the pink one! Argos is also doing a two for €20 euro deal at the moment on their clothing rails. You can also get one on stainless steal which is what I would usually go for but pink is so girlie and I want to maintain that theme in my girl cave!!!

You can Reserve one online Here

It came in an easy to carry light packaging and took less than five minutes to assemble. It came with instructions but if you know what a clothing rail looks like you can assemble without. Like me, I'm awesome!

Here she is. You can adjust the height if you want to store longer dresses or trousers but I have it on a low setting because ill be holding short summer dresses and shorts on there.

A few recent buys.


  1. I wannnt! Seriously contemplating getting this now! :)

  2. I literally got that about a week ago!! Great minds ;)

  3. Great idea! Very handy, wouldn't have room in my room unfortunately! But I do have a 30euro voucher for Argos....:)

  4. I have a few questions for you on my blog :)

    Emily x

  5. Great idea! I wish i could fit one into my room!

  6. I really want to get one of these when I get my dressing room back, love putting nice new items on show!

    joanne from jimmilou.com


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