19 August 2012

Money Making Tips

Do you ever feel that as soon as you get paid its gone instantly? I know my pay doesn't last long and working in childcare I don't exactly make an absolute fortune.

Upon arriving home from my holidays and realising that it is going to be over a week until I get paid I have put myself on lock down! No spending unless its a necessity. No make up, no beauty products full stop. It's also my birthday soon and I have no idea what I'm going to do bar invite all my family over and tell them to bring their own food and drink haha

So in an effort to make some money I have done two things. The first thing I did was round up all the beauty products, jewellery and clothes I no longer use or wear and have put them on eBay. I have some beauty products up at the moment. 

For anyone who hasn't used eBay before it really is the greatest thing. Registering can be a pain because it also involves registering for a Paypal account which you have to then link up to your bank account. This can take up to two weeks. Once your started you can buy products from all over the world and sell your unwanted items. You have the option for an auction style sale which is exciting if your not expecting a certain amount and you can also set a price if its something worth a lot. 

Some of the items I am parting with.

The other money making solution I have gone for is to root through all the draws in the house to find old phones. I found two phones. One was an old Nokia that I haven't used in over two years and the other is an old iPhone with a smashed screen. Together I can recycle them on Cash4Phones.ie and get €68.58 for them because the still work. If they had not been working the website will still take the phones off you for a lesser price. They also send you out the package for you to send your phones away and its free postage too.

The third option for me is to get back into my home made crafts. Iv'e made educational material, birthday decorations, nail varnish racks among other things. Family and friends loved them and it was a nice way to earn a bit of money for special occasions. I stopped doing it while ago because it was so time consuming but I really miss it now. 

Some of the things I have made.

Decoupaged frame and Nail varnish rack.

Pirate themed birthday decorations.

Hallowe'en themed counting game. 

Felt postal set for kids. Envelops, postcards, stamps and writing paper.

Those are my money makeing tips. If you have any other money making ideas please leave them for me in the comments below and I will do a money making tips part two next month. All ideas featured will be credited of course with links to your blog if you have one.



  1. if you have any unwanted clothes,bedsheets,quilts,handbags or shoes there are cash for clothes places around,in my local one i took 4 big black bags and i got 35.00 euro for it! My mums local ine takes toys and bric a brac -a euro a piece!
    its great for kids clothes that may b ruined and cant bring to a charity shop,i take caras clothes down there every so often!
    any unwanted jewellery there are cash for gold places too ..they take silver pieces too.

    also there is an irish cashback website cslled fatcheese..i use it whenever i order anything from O2,Just eat..littlewoods..if you go through the website you get a percentage back..now it is small amount but over a year it really adds up.

  2. those lippy's are gorge and if I wasn't broke myself I would totally enter the biding war to snap them up! x

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