08 July 2013

Shine On Blog Award

Hello Lovlies,

There was a big smile on my face this week when I found out I had been nominated for the Shine On Blog Award by the lovely Girl Friday, thank you guuuuurlfriend! 

There are a few of these blog awards floating around and I think they are fantastic. It really shows you how much support and respect we have for other bloggers. I love our (not so little any more) blogger community.

As part of being nominated I have to share seven facts about myself, here we go!

  1. There's a photo of me in a Beano magazine out there somewhere, sitting on a tractor no less. 
  2. Growing up I collected stamps and marbles! I lost a few along the way though. 
  3. D&G Light Blue was the first perfume I ever bought myself and is my favourite for summer.
  4. I love spicy food, spicier the better! I'm tucking into an Indian dish I made myself tonight.
  5. The first CD I ever bought was Robbie Williams single Rock DJ. The shame.
  6. I have more fun shopping in charity shops than in high street stores. You never know what you might find.
  7. Christmas is my favourite time of year. I get to spoil all the people I love and fill my belly with all my favourite foods. 
  8. EXTRA FACT: I really appreciate the fact that you are reading my blog right now. 

Now I nominate fifteen bloggers to share their facts, this is even tougher than it was to come up with those facts!

  1. Dancing with disaster
  2. RaraGiggles
  3. Scatterbrained
  4. BeautySwot
  5. Anita's Beauty Spot
  6. Love Life and Makeup
  7. Eimear Byrne Make Up Artist
  8. Emerald Eyeliner
  9. Nina Reviews
  10. Girl with the Skew Earring
  11. Forever Fabulous in Bows
  12. The Lady Named C
  13. Flowers and Freckles
  14. Adora Mehitable
  15. Secrets Behind the Closet Door
Some extra har har facts:

  • This little nugget is from my oldest brother when asked to suggest a fact about me. "Out of all your friends you have the biggest feet". He's right, the swine!
  • When I was ten I broke my leg playing chasing with my cousins and Mark Rogers who is now the field training manager for Benefit. Thanks Mark!
  • When I was six I made perfume from weeds in my garden and sold it to the other kids in the neighbourhood for 2p. 
  • I got my tongued pierced when I was sixteen, a few weeks later I swallowed the bar at school while eating lunch. 
  • In second year I told my business studies teacher that "I can't tell the future" when I was asked "Will you have your homework done tomorrow". Her face was priceless. I was instantly full of regret.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunshine.



  1. Aww thankyou honey! That's super sweet xxx

    1. No problem, I love your blog. Congratulations for making it through to the Cosmo blog finals :D

  2. This was so fun to read! I love hearing little facts about people!

  3. The "I can't tell the future" fact made me crack up! Thanks for sharing this:D

    Jayde | Jaydeetc.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Thanks for nominating me hunny your too sweet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. So funny, loved reading this post!


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