25 July 2013


If you are obsessed with nails as much as I am you will love this Irish magazine. It's called Your Nails and retails at €6.50. The magazine has everything that you need to know about on trend nail art, step by step guides and salon reviews. 

The nail art step by step guides are amazing and most are geared towards professionally trained nail technicians in my opinion but even for the likes of myself who isn't trained and just has a real interest in nails I have taken inspiration from these looks to create my own. This magazine is jam packed with really interesting and fun subjects. They even have a fashion section where they show you outfits to match your polish! Product news telling you what the top five selling products are, essentials and updates on new products. They also have a health section showing you the best way to take care of your nails and an education section which covers topics such as "Are artificial nails harmful?".

I really enjoyed reading this magazine over and over again, it's so colourful and full of great tidbits of information. Also check out their website yournailsmag.com for endless inspiration on what to to with your nails next!


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