15 November 2011

O.P.I Christmas Spirit Giveaway!!

I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to Christmas! I already have my hello kitty, Cars - Lightening Mc Queen and fancy wrapping paper. I am also shamed to admit I have also started writing out my Christmas cards....yes its offical I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I went to the post office today to collect a GAZILLION stamps for my cards today and seen this lovely little mini O.P.I set in the local pharmacy. I thought why not share my Christmas spirit with everyone else and not just my boyfriend who thinks i'm mental!

Seriously though check out this wrapping paper I couldn't resist....

3 for 2 at Tesco


To get your hands on this lovely set of mini O.P.I nail Lacquer all you have to do is...
 1. Be a follower of my blog and 
2. comment below telling me when you think is the earliest acceptable time to mail Christmas cards!!!

Good Luck everyone xxx

For an extra Entry you can share this giveaway with your friends by tweeting "Iv'e just entered @adoreabubbles Christmas Spirit O.P.I Giveaway here http://adoreabubbles.blogspot.com/2011/11/opi-christmas-spirit-giveaway.html "

Note: I'll be picking the winner on the 1st of December


  1. Sometimes I like to mail Christmas cards as far in advance as 3 weeks, depending where they are going! (:

  2. I think end of November, start of December time,unless you're sending to far away. :o) also, those colours look gorgeous!

  3. December 1st is the best. Gets everyone in the Christmas spirit. I share your Christmas spirit.

  4. I follow your blog via GFC :)
    I think the last fortnight of November is an acceptable time to start posting your cards - you don't want your cards to get caught up in the rush :)


  5. I think the first week in December is an acceptable time to mail them. Hope your got the Christmas bumper pack of stamps! :)

  6. followed your blog...& the earliest time is deffo a week before christmas just in case :) xxxx


    GFC: sophie francis
    Email: sophiesheniecefrancis@googlemail.com xxx

  7. I post my Cards for Family in South Africa on Nov 25(give or take). Fir some obscure reason it takes almost 4 weeks to get to there.

    But for the local family and friends in Europe I post them off on around the 4th of December.

    If the husbag would let me I would have the decorations up on December 1st... but he insists on waiting until at least the 7th!

  8. I think the earliest would be December 1st, i know people that have already put there tree and everything up though! haha.

    Gfc; Zoe
    email; zoe.12@hotmail.co.uk


  9. I think post them in the last week of November so that they get there for the first week of December to encourage the Christmas vibe :D I personally celebrate Christmas from December 1st - 31st! I love Christmas!

    I follow you via GFC: Emma Greenwood
    Email: elgreenwood@hotmail.co.uk

    lovely giveaway :D :D xxx

  10. LOVE that you love christmas as much as me :) so jello that youve started writing cards though, you organised bugger!

    i think as long as they arrive in december that is acceptable, though tbh everyone thats not a scrooge will totally appreciate them aytime now!


    I follow as Lauren on GFC. I'd say the very earliest to start posting Christmas cards is 30th November - I know people start putting their trees up on 1st December so it might be nice to get cards arriving on 1st too!

  12. GFC bernadette Nolan(bernien)
    I'm very bad don't expect any from me , sorry.the earliest would be 1st week of December.

  13. I post all my foreign ones around the end of November, these usually include a long letter and photos so take awhile to do and the rest get posted in December!

  14. Come to poppy is a gorgeous shade!!


  15. I think once it hits November you should be allowed send Christmas cards. I've been singing Christmas songs for about a month now...come on Christmas, hurry up already! :)

  16. GFC Confessionsofamakeupaholic

    I think the earliest I would post is December 1st.

    I love Christmas aswell!! x

  17. Ok wohoo u have officially made it ok for me to write my cards - Im already considering the tree haha :-) Thanks for holding the give away lovely xx

  18. I haven't even thought about sending cards yet. You've made me think about it though, so I'll buy some when I'm downtown later. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Awww! I just received a Christmas card this morning - my very first this year!! It had a lovely message in it and has really made me smile, so I think send them NOW! :-)
    Great giveaway with bags of Chrismas Spirit!
    I follow as Jo and tweeted here http://twitter.com/#!/BoldNBella/status/137133871400628224
    x x

  20. Hi! I think that the earliest acceptable time to send Christmas cards is maybe 3 weeks or more dependening where you send it because it might be another country.
    I also follow your twitter as @fabilew09 and tweeted about this giveaway at this link http://twitter.com/#!/fabilew09/status/137183457892761601
    Great giveaway =)

  21. I say post all your christmas cards on the 1st of December and then everyone has a whole month to enjoy them.Therefore makes their house looks festive and your get your moneys worth :) Also once you have sent yours it will remind everyone else and give them a gentle nudge to start sending theirs too hehe ;) xx

  22. I would say Decemeber first, but in america we consider the day after our thanksgiving the unofficial start of Xmas.

  23. Hmm I think around the start of December or after the 8th that's when I start to send mine anyway :)
    Following your Blog- Emzee
    Twitter- Emer234 http://twitter.com/#!/Emer234/status/137210905871138817

  24. If you send the so people receive them after December 8th. Thanks for the giveaway

  25. I Think That The Best Time To Send Christmas Cards Is When December Starts Because That is Officially The Countdown To Christmas Day, & Everyone Will Be More In The Christmas Spirit. <3
    Thankyouu for The Amazing Giveaway :D

  26. I say two weeks before Christmas.

  27. followed this blog :) i think end of november/early december, or maybe mid novemeber if youre posting to australia! xxx

  28. I think the first of December :) Unless you're sending a few to different parts of the world, then I'd say the 25th of November :) x

  29. I think the absolute soonest you can mail them is 1st December! lol Thank you for the great giveaway! =)


    GFC: ThePixieSprinkles
    YT: ThePixieSprinkles

  30. 1st of December would be a good point but at least if you're ready to go on that day it'll be goo ;)

    GFC: GDSineadReilly as is YT :)

  31. I think the 1st of December is the beginning of it all in my book !! Love Xmas my fave time of the year :)

    Gfc- makeup hair and glitz

    Twitter- make h glitz

    Email - makeupglitz@gmail.com

  32. i think tat the start of december is fine its not to early and its great if your posting to a different county or country cause they will get them just in time for christmas and it wont be late cause the mail does be very slow around christmas

  33. 12th of december fo who! i chose that day randomly but i rhink it sounds acceptsble!

  34. Hmm for me the earliest time to send Christmas cards is on the 1st of December because as soon as it hits December it feels all Christmassy (for me of course) Hope lady luck is on my side! I wanna try OPI nail varnishes sooo much!
    By the way Thanks!!! :D

  35. How-dee!:)
    Acceptable to me would be thee most unacceptable May. Getting a Christmas card in the middle of May would be just so darn unexpected it would just make my week (yup, that's how sad I am).
    But otherwise, I think anytime after the 8th of Christmas should be safe.
    Thanks for the giveaway & the amazing vids.

  36. I would mail mine right after Thanksgiving. You want to make sure the card get to where they are suppose to go. It also is not so busy so least chance for them to get lost in the mail.

  37. I would say early December would be acceptable since I see Christmas decorations everywhere in stores currently, especially right after Halloween ended and it hasn't even passed Thanksgiving yet. I really like Thanksgiving and am a little upset it's kind of pushed aside for a really early Christmas. Besides, if I received a Christmas card in November or earlier than December, I would be a little sad knowing I still have a long wait for actual Christmas. :\

  38. Early December, especially when people live in other countries like USA, Austrailia..so maybe they need to be posted late November more so...They should arrive when your putting your decorations up!!

  39. GFC: fatema

    email: mclasb11@hotmail.com

    i think the start of December is best time!

  40. tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/mclasb/status/137533620645662720

    email: mclasb11@hotmail.com

  41. I would say the end of November! :)

    GFC: PrettyVisions/Zara
    Email: ZaraPrettyVisions@yahoo.com
    I tweeted aswell! :)


  42. Hellooo,
    I say the last week in November, or 1st Dec, that will give people time to enjoy them and get into the christmas spirit!!!! Lovely blog by the way. C xx

  43. If I could then I would send Christmas cards all through the year.. But then people would think I'm a bit strange.. Merry Christmas! *sends card* xoxo<3

  44. Hi!!

    The best is 1st of December, is a great surprise.

    GFC name: bambaki83
    Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/bambaki83/status/137667236423933952

    I have the public profile. but these days blogger is giving me problems and change it to private, please do not disqualify me, I can send a screenshot or something.


  45. Since I think of December of Christmas month, December 1 I think is the earliest :)
    Annd here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/drmariannes/status/137711225852264449


  46. Hello! Since I live in Australia and all my christmas card recipients are in Poland, I like to send them around 25th November to make sure they get them in time and know to send me one to hehe!

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/kasiawashere/status/137763231556055040

    Email: kittycat20031@hotmail.com

  47. gfc: quinieleong

    i think the earliest acceptable time is dec 1st :)


  48. Hi!
    I think the earliest acceptable time is 1 of december.
    Nick GFC: Maribel F.
    E-mail: mfuentes1987@gmail.com
    I tweetted
    Thank you! xoxo

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Hi! I think the earliest time to send christmas cards is 1st Dec, that way they should get there by 12th Dec (latest!) so people get them in the run up to christmas, not way before (otherwise they might forget your card!)
    GFC- dibdabs

  51. Hello :)
    Beginning of December is fine, specific date if you need, let's say 1st ;)
    I'd love to be entered but I dunno if it's open internationally? If yes, count me in ;) GFC: peniam, mail: mpeczka@gmail.com
    Thank you

  52. i like to mail Christmas card at the beginning of December....
    thanks alot 4 this giveaway!!!!

  53. I think the best time would be Dec 12th - Dec 17th

  54. Hi! I am a follower, and I definitely think that the 4th week of november is not too early for christmas! no such thing as too early for christmas, i think :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  55. GFC: oohladybegood
    email: oohladybegood@gmail.com

    mid november is good to get everyone in the mood for christmas =)

  56. GFC: Andrea Z
    email: unbeaumaquillage@gmail.com
    I also tweeted from the account: bellemaquillage

    I would send them out at the end of November. Have to give people time to set them on their fireplaces!

  57. I would send them out 2 days before December so they arrive roughly around the 1st :) Love the giveaway hun! I'm just about to tweet too :) x o x

  58. Thank you for this sweet giveaway!
    That Hello Kitty wrapping paper is so cute :)
    I follow your blog on GFC as Kris Beauty
    I think the earliest acceptable time to mail Christmas cards is the start of December, if they're going far away :)
    I follow you on Twitter @Kris_Beauty and I tweeted about this :
    Email : mybeautytags@gmail.com

  59. I'm a real crimbo fanatic, so anytime between then end of November to early December I think is grand for sending crimbo cards. Probably best to hold off until December for Bah Humbuggers although! Love your blog, and youtube! Tweeted the tweet too, need those OPI Nail Polishes!

  60. Its NEVER too Early to post Christmas cards!!!! My mam and her cousin have a yearly thing, on who sends their cards first....We got one from him in May!!! lol Also once the first card arrives,its offically Christmas and the decorations are allowed to go up.....I'm exCIted!!!...So start sending them NOW so I can put all the new decorations i bought up!!!
    PS i <3 OPI ;)

  61. Heyy Sarah i Love you blog :o soo creative .. im also entring yur LOVELY Giveaway, i think any time after holloweeen Muhaha happy holidays Babee :) looking fab girly xoxox

  62. Salut!
    Christmas~ I can't wait ^^
    For me, mailing christmas cards will be on 1st december. I had the time write them and say all of the feelings that I wanted to share for this period. And I have many christmas cards to send, here in France, to Japan, to Germany and to Korea. If I do that on 1st december, they'll be there for Christmas .
    Yeah~ 1st december is not too earlier or too late!

    PS:never stop what you do, you are amazing!



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