28 August 2011

1/4 of my life GONE!

Slightly dramatic title but I really feel like the last five years have flown by! I'm doing now what I should have been doing years ago e.g learning how to drive! Anyway serious talk back in the box! I turned 25 recently and had a fabulous weekend! My boyfriend cooked me a meal Gordon himself would be proud of (I found the recipe sheets in the kitchen today, gordon Ramseys lasagne and creme brulee) I spent Saturday with friends shopping and with family for dinner and even squeezed in some x-factor!

 Dinner and cake with family.

 Flowers from shane, sunflowers (my fav!)

I was also very lucky and blessed to receive amazing presents for my Birthday! I can't help but smile and giggle thinking about it! I am really looking forward to blogging on certain beauty products I received also.

As well as give me a huge box of goodies my friends sarah and katie also made me this!!!


  1. Beautiful flowers!
    I wish you many more wonderful birthdays
    You deserve them ^--^

  2. That cakes looks amazing! Snuck in a little x-factor? Is that what you kids are calling it these days? Hehehe!

  3. Gorgeous flowers =) I too love sunflowers. The cake looks X-Rated if you ask me. Shouldn't be allowed to post such sensual photos on a blog! ;)

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    Your cake looks so yummy!!!



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