14 January 2012

Barry M - Touch of Magic - Lip Paint

I received this Barry M lipstick in a swap I did with Liv91 on Youtube. I have to say I was a little lost. I had heard of it before but never seen it in person. I knew it wasn't green when applied so the only way to find out what it would look like was to try it out.

It reminds me of those fake lipsticks I use to have in plastic make-up sets as a little girl.

I had swatched it on my hands when I got it but didn't try it on my lips until the following week. I noticed the swatch took a good day to fully wash off. I also had a bit of advice from Nina Reviews to be careful when applying because of its staining power. I didn't want to have wonky lips so I applied it REALLY carefully!

Before & After

I like the colour it achieved it and it lasted all day. The Barry M website claims "A waterproof formula with added Aloe Vera stays on for up to 8 hours. Depending on the alkali level of your lips, determines just how pale or rich the colour will go." It was a lovely bright shade I must say. I hadn't planned going out the day I tried it and after I applied it I had to go visit my boyfriends family. I looked a bit funny because I had also tried out the green Fearne eye pencil which I reviewed Here so together I looked a tad odd! I think his family know I'm a bit special anyway so its all good! 


  1. I tried this out in the shop, thought it was cool but i dont think i would buy it xo



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