11 March 2012

100% Human Hair clip in Extensions

I went to the RDS Beauty show today not knowing what to expect. One thing I did know for sure was that I would be leaving with a Konad nail set but after that I just brought some extra spending money encase I seen something I HAD TO HAVE!. I surprised myself and my friends by buying Hair Extensions!! They cost me €45 and its the first time I have even tried extensions let alone owned my own ones. Online my ones cost £44.99 so that works out roughly as €55.

Here are some photos of me at the Universal stall getting my extensions put into my hair.

It is such a strange feeling going from short hair to instant long hair within the space of five minutes! It will probably take me half an hour to apply these extensions myself. I'm very happy with them. They feel so soft and look exactly like my own hair colour. The stylist was very good at picking out shades to suit people. There was girls asking her non-stop while she was doing my hair and she just kept firing extensions at them and they bought them straight away. I have honestly never heard of this brand. I will get back to you after I have washed, dried and styled them and lets see if the quality will still be as good! 


  1. Wow they look lovely, that was a pretty good price! Are they clip in ones? I got American Dream ones a few years back and I used to use them all of the time going out, going to start using them again I think!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

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  3. Wow I have short hair and I am trying to grow it out but it's taking forever and it is just a pain, I am so tempted to try some of these, not sure if they would suit me though. You are so lucky that you can carry off short and long hair. They looks fabulous on you!

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  6. They really suit you! I found I&K hair extensions to be the best quality I’ve had so far. They’re 100% human hair so perfect for styling! They’re sold exclusively at Hairtrade x

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