07 March 2012

Guest post: Improving skin for Spring.

Today's guest post is by Bella. Bella is a beauty blogger for Cosmetic Surgery Guru, addicted to fashion and beauty. You can contact her on twitter at @Cosmetic_Bella.
                                                                                                                                  Bella says "Winter can leave behind chapped lips, dry elbows and a pale complexion, but there are ways to combat dull skin!" Here Bella suggests things you can do to revamp your complexion:

If your skin’s looking a little worn out, try exfoliating on a weekly basis. Squeeze a little exfoliating gel into a pair of exfoliating gloves and start massaging your body in small circles. The rough surface of the gloves and the small abrasives in the cream will remove dead skin cells and should open your pores. If your skin needs a little extra TLC, book a IPL Laser course of skin rejuvenation at a professional clinic. There are many different treatments available, but a highly-trained skin specialist will use something appropriate for your skin type.
Applying a quality moisturiser that compliments your skin type can make a big difference to your complexion. Simply get a dermatologist or a beauty therapist to examine your skin and ask them to recommend a suitable product. Apply as instructed and leave to soak in before putting on clothes or doing the washing up. If you have time, rub the moisturiser into your hands and feet and pull a pair of socks and gloves on to allow the cream to absorb properly.
Drink water
The average human body is thought to be around 60-70 per cent water, so it’s important to stay well hydrated. Try to drink around eight cups of water a day and avoid caffeinated or fizzy drinks – as these can actually dehydrate you. Drink plenty of water after a gym session and make sure you have something to sip throughout the night. Fluids will help flush toxins from your body and should keep your skin clean and clear.
Apply a facemask

If icy temperatures and central heated rooms have caused your skin to dry up – Make a home made facemask to revitalise your complexion. Mash up two ripe avocados and spread the mixture all over your face, leaving it to soak in for around half an hour. Once the time is up, wash the concoction off with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Avocados are full of antioxidants that are believed to repair sun damage and are a great facemask. Botox can help with lines and wrinkles, but why not give these age-busting fruits a go too?
A few changes to your daily routine could improve your complexion – so what you waiting for?. Pamper, preen and shed your winter skin in style!


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