23 March 2012

St Tropez Press Event

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend an event in Dublin. The event was for new beauty launches from St Tropez, Sanctuary, Yes To Carrots and O.P.I. I was really excited about this event because it was the first event for me to attend since I began my blog over a year ago. I was also on twitter the day before and found out that I would also get the opportunity to meet some Irish beauty bloggers that I follow. Excitement overload!

The event took place at Beauty Bootcamp  studios, a short walk from St Stephens green. Here I had the pleasure of meeting LauraKarenSue and half of Viva Adonis Dee.

St Tropez

The main highlight of the event was getting to meet Nicola Joss, skin finishing expert from St Tropez. Nicola is well known for her work at London fashion week and at The Oscars tanning celebrities and models. Myself and the girls got to sit down with Nicola as she talked about new improved products coming out from St Tropez this year. She wowed us with talk of an instant tan that won't ruin our frocks and a tan that won't have you smelling like the pound shops finest mothers day perfume gift set. I wasn't sure to believe her or not until she tested out the Self tan dark, bronzing lotion on my arm with a tanning mitt. It dried instantly and I didn't get an obvious whiff of fake tan! I was also surprised that the self tan dark blended out to a lovely finish on my pale white Irish arms, noting too scary at all. Phew. 

Nicola also showed us a product I have never heard of before, dun dun dun Skin Illuminator. It comes in three shades, rose, violet and gold. She swatched rose on her arm and the effects where amaze-balls. I wanted to snatch it out of her hand and lather myself in it! It can be used on the face as a highlighter, like Benefits high beam I would say. It can also be used on the body to give the appearance of  lovely polished skin. Used over the self tan I'm sure I would be transformed into a complete and utter goddess! That's what I'm telling myself anyway.


At the event we also had the opportunity to get our nails done. Unfortunately due to work the next day I could not get mine painted but I did take up the offer of a file and hand massage. The lady (who's name has escaped me but she was lovely!) Showed me all the gorgeous O.P.I shades from the Nicole by O.P.I the Justin Beiber One less lonely girl collection. I spotted the Mint green 'My Lifesaver' almost instantly. It really brought back memories of last summer for me, mint green seemed to be all the rage last year. While I could not avail of the stunning polishes the other girls did.

Karen got this lovely Fuchsia colour (I'm sure she will mention it on her blog here at some stage!) Laura and Dee both went for 'My Life Saver' and I liked Laura's style putting 'Make U Smile' glitter polish on top. You can check out Laura's nails here.


Sanctuary is a brand I have always associated with Boots but now its branching out to other pharmacy's and stores around Ireland. They had lots of lovely products on show at the event but the two main products that caught my eye was their Skin perfecting B.B cream and their Therapists Secret facial Oil. I swatched both of these on my hands and I really liked them. 

Yes To Carrots

A brand I have often seen in my local Pharmacy but have never been enticed to buy is Yes To Carrots. I was told about the new packaging which I really liked. Some of the products have been changed to a pump action from twist cap tubs. I for one love pump action products. I hate when you have to open a product, put it on your hands and the try twist the cap closed without making a mess. Is that just me?I'm probably being a fool of a donkey! I was drawn to the cleanser, it seemed like something I would like and on-line its €7.99 which isn't bad for 170g of product. Yes to carrots mission according to their website is "to make affordable, kick ass products that work and make people feel good"

Beauty Treats

As I left I received a lovely bag of beauty treats! I was thinking throughout the evening how I would love to try certain products out at home, properly and now I actually can! 

I know this sounds a bit out there! Right...bare with me! It has been over five years since I have worn a swimsuit and nine years since I have tried a St Tropez product so this weekend I think I'm going to give it a lash! If I see out of this world amazing results I might...MIGHT post a picture or two! 

Also! I was in the pharmacy this evening to buy a self tanning mitt....FECKIN €4.99! Whats all that about? I was on my way to the till when I seen this.

A self tan applicator mitt for the same price but proceeds go to support breast cancer research. Keep an eye out for this next time your out buying yours ladies! 



  1. Awww jealous!!! I want the skin illumanator lol

  2. Looks like a nice event, great goodie bag! I recently got a yes to carrots lip balm in one of my beauty boxes its really nice!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  3. Hey, great post, Sarah and lovely to meet you properly too x


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