10 March 2012

Nails for the RDS Beauty Show - Gold & Purple Crackle

I am going to the Beauty show in the RDS today. Most ladies going will be worrying about what to wear or what make-up to wear. Most I said! Some women find leaving the house easier than others. Anyway, I was looking at my nails. It dawned on me that its been about two months since iv'e painted them. How bad is that?! I was lost for inspiration until I popped online today and seeN Cherry Sue's blog on Croc nail effects. Shes used gold as a base and then Barry M's croc crackle polish. It turned out really cool, it gave me the encouragement I needed to paint my own nails!

As a base I used Barry M's 320 foil effects in gold. This polish is what I imagine melted gold to be like! It glides on nicely and dries quickly.

For the crackle effect I used Angelica in Purple, you can purchase this from Penneys. I am not sure if they sell it in the UK in primark. I am not too happy with this crackle but it is still fun all the same. 

Last step I used 17 double gloss top coat.

There we go ladies I am ready for the beauty show today! Really looking forward to it. I am planing on hitting Konad, Greath Lengths and the HD Brow bar first. 



  1. Replies
    1. It was brill! I'll upload a haul video tomorrow if you want to check that out. It was a bit scary with everyone trying to push their products on you but sure it was good experience!

  2. The Bourjois stand was insane but so worth it :) x

    1. O it took me a good five minutes to get to the products at the Bourjois stand and then it was like ahhh a mountain of make-up lol Got four shadows and a gloss.


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