25 April 2012


No clogs allowed by Soap & Glory is a facial cleanser that also doubles up as a face mask. I bought this for €12 and thought for 100ml it was worth it. You only need a grape sized amount when using it as a cleanser, two-three grape sized amounts when wanting to use it as a mask.

I was really excited to use this product after reading the instructions on the packaging that's says " Wet your hands and scrub until you're blue in the face - literally". This might sound a little sad but that was the main selling point for me...a blue face. I'm easily entertained I tell you! The product does have little blue particles in it and I presumed these mixed with water would turn my face blue.  Unfortunately even though I followed the instructions and mixed the product on my face with water there was no blue face. Sad times.

However I feel in love with this product as soon as I rinsed my face. My skin has not felt this clean in a long time. I actually look forward to cleaning my face at night now before I go to bed. After using it for a few weeks now I have noticed the pores on my nose reduce dramatically. I am delighted.

It can be hard to find in most boots stores but you can find it at the Soap & Glory section in Harvey Nichols, they sell a good selection of their body products.

One grape sized amount spread all over my face, the self-heating action felt nice.

After wetting my hands and scrubbing as instructed on the packaging. A little down after getting my hopes up for a blue face! 

Delighted with the end result. Seriously clean face, I feel like months of make-up has been removed in the space of a few minutes.

This product also comes with a small pink sponge which you can use to remove your mask. I would also like to suggest buying a cotton hair turban, especially if you have short hair. I bought mine in Dunnes for €2 and it has made my life so much easier. I can apply product and not have to worry about my hair getting all up my face!



  1. I think I really need to get trying these soap and glory products! So far I have unintentionally avoided them... Good review and great pics!

    1. Thank you! I think you should try them out too!

  2. This sounds fab I have always fancied trying this like most things in the S&G collection :) x

  3. I have this and it's amazing, need to start using mine again! :)

    Emily x


  4. Saw this a couple of months ago in Boots! After reading this review I really want to pick it up next time! xo

    1. Do, My pores are just disappearing on front of my eyes!

  5. I just love you!!! You always make me smile. I must get this!!! Thank you for the review xxxx

  6. I adore soap and glory their bang for buck quotient is unrivalled but I haven't got this! My goodness consider that rectified! Great review!




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