28 April 2012

Shower Storage

Job update: Still haven't found the job of my dreams yet. I have yet to regret leaving my last job a few weeks ago. I know the country is gone to shite and jobs can be found far and few between but I am a VERY firm believer that you shouldn't work somewhere your not happy with or in an occupation your not happy in. I had a problem with where I worked so I left. Simple as.

The two major down points for me not working lately are, firstly I have been waking up at half seven every morning for the past few weeks and not been able to go back to sleep afterwards. Secondly being at home a lot (with my occupation on-line searching is the best way to go) makes me aware of things I never noticed before. Marks on the walls. The garden fence hasn't been painted and we moved in two years ago. The Stairs gather lots of dust very fast. The kitchen floor really needs a visit from the mop fairy. Many many other small things that all together make me want to go back to work ASAP!

One thing I noticed was the collection of products in our shower. Too many products that I don't use daily but feel the need to have in there encase I change my mind at any given moment! While I was in TK MAXX I picked up a shower organiser that was €19.99 reduced to €14. I liked this organiser because it had a loop at the top which meant I could hang it onto the knob that turns the shower on instead of having to drill it into out lovely tiles.

I am really happy with this, it fits in perfectly and there is still enough room to turn the shower on/off. Its terrible really, Shane only owns two products here. How I wish I was a man sometimes. They have it so easy! 

Garden Update

I know we don't even have great weather at the moment, I would't walk to the shop in the weather we have had this week let alone step outside to our back garden. I had to do something with it. I wanted it ready for summer time BBQ's. Please god let there be sun this year.

I went onto Gumtree and put up an advert to see if there was anyone locally with the tools who could get rid of weeds on the patio, remove the feckin Christmas tree, cut the grass and paint the fences. I must have gotten over one hundred emails from people all over Dublin looking to do the job. I couldn't believe it. A lovely man answered my prayers and got it all done over the weekend. Our grass is looking..well a little dead but i'm delighted its tidy.

I have a job interview on Monday, fingers crossed this is the one.

Love ,


  1. Good luck with the interview! You are so brave to listen to your heart and leave when something is making you unhappy! Well done! xxx

  2. I love this post because it is so like me! I'm meant to be working, but instead I will notice the dust on my surfaces, the fact that X or Y hasn't been done. Nightmare. Good luck with the interview :)

    1. Thank you, fingers crossed I hear something soon x

  3. Fingers crossed Sarah! The garden is looking fab!

  4. I'll be thinking about you on Monday hun x x x

  5. good luck with your job interview !!!

    that shower organiser looks really great - its impressive how little things can make such a huge difference!


  6. best of luck with ur job interview xx

  7. I for one will have my fingers and toes crossed for you x

  8. You are so right about not staying in a job if your not happy. I know alot of people say to be grateful about having a job at home but it shouldn't be like that. That guy did a great job on the back garden too! Hope the weather gets good, barbies are the best!

    joanne from jimmilou.com


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