02 April 2012




The last time I tried ST. TROPEZ I was 16 and a random woman I didn't know applied it with her hands. Isn't that how most 16 years old their birthday! It was a disaster! I went with a few friends and we all got treatments done. I wasn't even going anywhere that night, just wanted to try it out. Skipping ahead nine years later I find myself in the possession with a bottle of Perfect Legs Spray and this time I would be applying it myself! 

I never realised how much I actually hate my legs! I never really noticed them until trying this product out. They are white as white can be and covered in those pimple things which is probably due to shaving and ingrown hairs. Looks like ill be hiding behind some maxi dresses this summer. Anyway...back to the product! 

The Experts Claim
The Perfect Legs Spray is ideal for creating a flawless airbrushed finish in a flash.  The handy nozzle makes it easy for you to reach tricky areas and the colour is the perfect instant bronze glow! Before you apply, make sure  you thoroughly exfoliate using St.Tropez Body Polish and follow with St.Tropez Body Butter on extra dry areas.  Use the spray to elongate the legs and add depth to the skin whilst delivering even colour and you’ll be party ready in no time at all.” – St. Tropez skin finishing expert Nichola Joss.

It took less than five minutes to apply to both legs using a self tan applicator mitt. I think this is a good product if you already have some amount of tan on and just want a top up before you run out the door to meet Pablo but in my case I don't think ill be using it again on my bare white legs! I would probably need to do a few layers before getting that lovely tan effect. I wasn't happy with the colour I got from my application.  I was pleasantly surprised with the scent of the product. It doesn't have that fake tan bang off it. Almost smells like a body spray. You can get this in your local pharmacy or boots for around €13.

 After some research (mainly Google searches) the media seem to be gearing it towards party season and they mention the 75ml bottle being handy to store in your handbag so Maybe I had high expectations for a product that wasn't meant to give full coverage results, just a pick me up for your legs during a night out with the ladies. Cause that's what I do, spend my nights in the ladies toilets with my mitt and spray tan! 

Alas do not fear, I am excited about future products from ST TROPEZ which I will be trying out shortly. Have you got any bad tan stories? I would love to hear them below!!


  1. I think it has given your legs a lovely natural looking colour, I guess if you were wearing fake tan on the rest of your body you might want it a bit darker but it looks really well! I usually use Sally Hansen but lately it's been coming out all patchy and there's nothing worse then patchy fake tan legs..Think I'll give this one ago.

  2. im using the gradual firming lotion and also impressed with the smell!! great improvment!!


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