18 April 2012


Not only does Urban Decay NOT test on animals it is also an amazing brand for producing some of the most exciting make-up I have ever used! I received this set of polishes for Christmas off my wonderful boyfriend and have only recently started to use it. 

Hot mess (sparkling fuchsia) and Mars (shimmery emerald green) took just one coat. I was so pleased with the glittery goodness of these two polishes. They are all glitter without the annoying glitter particles that come in most polishes.

Barlust (deep shimmery brown) and gunmetal (deep shimmery grey) took two coats and dried fairly fast.

I fell in love with Wrecked (deep burgundy) the moment it touched my nail. This colour reminds me of vampires for some reason, I want it in a lipstick. Help me if you know of any in this shade! Ziggy (gold sparkle) is a fun polish, most would use this over a base colour but I decided to use it on its own. After two coats I had PARTY NAILS! 

I am really impressed with the colour pay off of these polishes, not just the payoff but the fact that these colours exist in the first place. I LOVE YOU URBAN DECAY! 

You can get this set HERE , it has been reduced to $19 or on the Cara Pharmacy website for a whopping €11.60 usual price €14.50/


  1. Oh wow they are all GORGEOUS! I'm going to have to hunt these down now!! xx

  2. Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy! Rah rah rah! I love the look of Ziggy!

  3. I love the brown and then gunmetal colours (and obviously the others) but these are more unusual! Great review on them :)

  4. The only burgandy lipstick that I know of the Chanel Rouge Noir, it was big in the nineties and I'm sure it's still being made. It's supposed to have been made to match the exact shade of dried blood so you mentioning vampires is probably what made me think of that! I reckon it's pretty dear so maybe look around the internet and see if there's any decent dupe you can get cheaper ;)

  5. You can get it in Cara Pharmacy too, I love Ziggy & Wrecked! x


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