16 August 2012

Wonderful News - Blog Awards Ireland


Did anyone notice I was away? Myself and Shane are not long home off the plane from Portugal and we received a nice stormy welcome. Cheers Ireland. Half the garden has blown all over the neighbourhood. Five missed packages and lots of unpacking to do. We had the most amazing holiday and I can't wait to tease you with all my bargain buys to blog about it.

I just wanted to let you all know that while I was away I was so wonderfully informed on twitter by the loveliest bloggers you could ever hope to meet that I had been nominated for one of the Blog Awards Ireland categories. I have just checked out their nominations list and discovered that I have in fact been nominated in 8 categories. I cannot believe it and I am absolutely over the moon. Thanks to YOU this has happened and there's no denying it that YOU are in fact the most amazing people in the world.

Some of the other blogs nominated are out of this world amazing. A majority of them are my all time favourite blogs to read and I'm just delighted to be on the same list as them.

Here are the categories that I have been nominated for, thank you again ladies and keep your fingers crossed for me.

Best Beauty/Fashion Blog Long List
Best Health/Wellbeing Blog Long List
Best Blog Post Long List VOTE HERE
Best Video Blog Long List 
Best personal Blog Long List
Best Humour blog Long List
Best lifestyle blog Long List
Best Food/Drink Blog Long List

The short list is due to be published on the 8th of September and I really feel for the team at Blog Awards Ireland they really have a hard job of picking the best blogs out there. Then on the 29th of September the finalists will be announced....ek how exciting.

Another exciting aspect of the awards is that the Best Blog Post will be chosen by the public in a few weeks. If you had asked me a year ago did I ever imagine myself being in this position I would have laughed my arse off. You can vote for me blog post HERE

Its just too much excitement for me. I have to go fix the garden and get a cup of tea into me! 

It's good to be home. Goodnight all.



  1. Congrats Hun. It's well deserved :) xx

  2. Congratulations on your nominations! No doubt it was the cherry on top after a lovely holiday :)

    Emma xxx

  3. Congrats Sarah that's great will be rootin for you x

  4. Congratulations, Sarah! You deserve it every nomination! :)

  5. Sarah, I'm so thrilled for you! You definitely deserve it.x

  6. Delighted you're in there, best of luck missus!

  7. Wow! That's a lot of categories to be nominated in. Well deserved. Congrats and hope you win 'em all!


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