02 December 2012

Christmas Tag - Jingle bells Jingle bells..

I was so excited that Donna from Not Just Inside tagged me in the Christmas Tag today that I had to do it straight away. My name is Sarah and I am a Christmas nut! 

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
My favourite thing about Christmas are the few weeks leading up to the best day of the year. Being in outside in the cold, wondering when the snow will come and stepping into our warm house getting excited as the time for putting up the decorations gets closer.

What's your favourite make-up look for the season?
There is something about this cold weather that has made me not want to wear make-up during the day. I've been using Elave Intense Moisture Surge and their daily skin defence SPF 45 to keep my skin from drying out. For night time when the party season starts I will be rocking smokey eye's with thick liner and false lashes.

Real tree or fake tree?
Growing up we always had a real tree and I want to do the same. I love the smell of the pine and the bigger the better! It will be interesting to see how we get on with real tree plus puppy this year!

Giving presents or receiving presents?
I LOVE giving presents so much that I usually start collecting my presents months before Christmas. If I see something on sale or something I know a friend or family member would love I have to get it! I'm terrible at receiving presents, I never know what to say. Thank you never seems to be enough.

Do you open presents Christmas morning or evening?
Always on Christmas morning, as we (my brothers) got older we started getting up later and later or when we moved out it became an afternoon thing because we had to wait for everyone to arrive. Once we all stopped over to our parents on Christmas eve for drinks and by the time all the fun was over it was after midnight and we somehow persuaded out parents to open them that night, it was lots of fun! 

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I have given and received hand-made Christmas cards, I think they are great but I can understand how some people might not have time to go to that much trouble. I usually keep my favourite cards to use as decorations for the following year and I always keep the hand made ones!! 

What's your favourite Christmas movie?
Hands down it has to be Home Alone one. Years back during Christmas dinner when we all lived at home my dad said I could have a small glass of wine and I loved it so much my brothers gave me theirs too...I may have been a bit tipsy and remember we all sat down to watch Home Alone afterwards with other family member's. It's so funny I was laughing so hard I began to cry! I'll never forget it! 

Thank you Donna for tagging me I am going to tag......Hmmmm let me think about this now....
I hope everyone is excited about Christmas, if you would like to see any special festive posts on here please let me know. 


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  1. Home Alone is the best! I also love getting the RTE guide, not sure why haha :) great tag

    Emily x

  2. Excellent post, I'm a fellow Christmas nut!!

  3. I feel the same way about make-up my skin is just so ....cold? haha:P Been loving my bb cream lately! Absolutely love the lead up too :D

  4. Aw fab post Sarah, hope the puppy and the tree are getting along! Had such a lovely time on Saturday - thank you SO much for asking me to speak and for all the effort you put in to making it so lovely. Believe it or not I took NO photos - I blame the nerves! - so if you don't mind sharing the official ones I will pop up a post with those!! X


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