19 December 2012

I Love Seaweed

I have to say I have become obsessed with finding body products containing natural ingredients over the last few months. I'm also delighted at the amount of companies in Ireland that deliver fantastic quality products using natural ingredients that are sourced locally too. Out of all the products I have tried and tested I fell in love with the following three containing seaweed.
 Seavite Illuminating Shampoo 250ml & Conditioner 250ml €10 each.

Seavite is an Irish family run company based in Co Galway. They have a whole range of organic seaweed products for your body, face and hair. I specifically love the shampoo and conditioner because they contain no skin irritants such as parabens which is great because I suffer from a dry scalp due to years of washing my hair daily. The price tag might be more than most are willing to spend but the quality of these products is fantastic. My hair felt amazing after the first use and the Illuminating conditioner is by far the best conditioner I have ever used. They have also lasted me quite a long time too so you are getting your money's worth. 
LUSH Seanik Shampoo bar

I was very intrigued by this product the first time I was introduced to it by a Lush assistant in their store on Henry Street, Dublin. I had approached her asking for a shampoo that would not irritate my dry scalp and she suggested I use the Seanik shampoo bar. She spoke to me about the benefits of seaweed and that's how my love affair began. Seanik is a shampoo that doesn't come in liquid form like most. It is a round blue bar and contains seaweed and sea salt. I found it excellent for travelling especially with the lush tin to store it in. It added volume to my hair and although I didn't find it as nourishing for my scalp as I had expected it was great for removing dirt and grease from my hair leaving it a lovely shine and feeling soft.   
VOYA Time to Shine Body Buff 200ml €29 75ml €10

My favourite body scrub to use is the Body Buff Time to Shine by Voya. It's mild enough to use regularly but also very effective for exfoliating dead skin leaving you with silky toned results. It contains ground walnut shells and seaweed flakes which make this product so effective and enjoyable to use. I think the price point reflects the superb quality and effectiveness of this product. All products in the Voya range contain organic natural ingredients locally sourced in Co Sligo.

If you have dry skin like me you should give seaweed based products a go. Seaweed face masks are also great for relieving itching caused by acne and for achieving soft glowing skin. 

How do you feel about Products containing natural ingredients? Do you mind the hefty price tag? I for one think every penny (cent?!) is worth it.


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