17 December 2012

Inis - the energy of the Sea

I can't believe how close it is to Christmas, it seems to have snuck up on me this year. I'm delighted all the same as it's my favourite time of the year.

I come to you today with my thoughts on a cologne that has been available for many years. It's by Inis and is suitable for men and women. I had my doubts about it the very first time I read those words "FOR MEN AND WOMEN" on the packaging. How can this be I asked myself. Surely all women like floral scents and all men like musky scents. You really do learn something new everyday!

Let me tell you a little bit about Inis before I share my thoughts on The energy of the sea cologne. Inis (which means Island in Irish) is made in Ireland, does not test on animals and been contributing to the protection and conservation of Whales and Dolphins in Irish waters since 2001.

The frosted bottle packaging is lovely and the cap on top is made to replicate two stones you might find while walking along a beach. I like the simplicity of the packaging. While I adore other brands such as Marc Jacob which go for the lavish over the top packaging I would be proud to have this Inis cologne sitting on my vanity. Sometimes less is more.

Scents are a powerful thing, different scents can submerge you into a memory and remind you of special occasions or your favourite places. The scent certainty has a nature feel to it and The energy of the sea makes me think of many happy visits to Bettystown beach in Co Meath, trying to hide my toes in the sand when I was little.

I found it quite hard to put my finger on it, at first I thought it's definitely a scent more suited to men but the longer I wore it the more it grew on me. Would it make sense if I was to say it had a little bit of sweetness but was also a very warm scent?! That's what I am getting from it. If I was to choose anyone in my family to gift this cologne to it would be my dad. I think he would like this because it is not too overpowering and again it reminds me off all the times he drove our family to the beach when I was younger.

If you are looking for a special scent to buy your loved ones this Christmas check out the Fragrances of Ireland website and see what other little bottles of Ireland they have available. I must mention that The energy of the sea is their best selling signature scent and from reading reviews on their website it is indeed popular with men and women.


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