31 December 2012

December Advertisers

Another great month for lovely bloggers and YouTubers advertising on my blog. If you would like to advertise your website check out the sale going on at the moment.

Our Ultimate advertiser this month is Girl Friday's Beauty blog. I enjoy reading Anne Marie's post because she always gives her honest opinion. She doesn't sugar coat what she thinks, she just lets it all out! She also blogs about my favourite brands and products so if I ever need a bit of encouragement to treat myself I can head over to Girls Friday's Beauty Blog

This month we have Holly from Sweet Like Cinnamon. I had not heard of her blog until she contacted me about advertising. Holly's blog is very up to date with special recipes and gift ideas to follow current events and she also shared special moments from her wedding earlier this year. I love this post she did on affordable items you can buy for your home.

I mentioned Elaine12Jones in the November Favourites and I'm delighted to have her advertise on my blog during December too. Check out her YouTube channel for daily vlogs on real life reality entertainment!

Thank you so much to my December Advertisers, I hope you gained some warm fuzzy exposure through advertising on my blog and your success continues to grow in the new year. January's Ultimate advertiser is still available and there are other packages available if you are interested in advertising please get in touch.

Lots of love,


  1. Thanks Sarah for the lovely post! It's been a pleasure to advertise on Adoreabubbles this month :-)

  2. Great advertisers!



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