18 November 2011

Cleaning Binge!

For all you neat freaks out there, THIS is what a mess looks like. My attempt to ignore it and hide it all away in the wardrobe wasn't working any more. I could here it calling me..."clean me"..."sort me out ya dirty biatch". I decided enough was enough, I headed out to Homebase last night and bought two 4 tower storage boxes at €23 each.

Organised heaven! Below I have all my felt, fabrics, crafty tools and equipment. I also picked up all my Montessori notes and material this week from college and there they are waiting for me to open them and plan my lessons for next week!

Do you have any messy creatures hiding in your wardrobes?!

1 comment:

  1. Shoes take up the bottom of my wardrobe.... under the bed on the other hand......


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