26 November 2011

Little Sins Eyeshadow Primer Potion Set - URBAN DECAY

One of my favourite things about going abroad on holidays is being able to shop in the Duty Free. Unfortunately I haven't been abroad in ages and I won't be for a while. The next best thing is having family members who work in the airport! My boyfriend got this lovely Urban Decay Little sins eyehadow primer potion set for me the other day for the bargain price of €11. An email was sent around about duty free stock the airport was trying to get rid of and I was quick to reply BUY BUY BUY! They also had 9 Urban Decay naked palettes for €19.50 but they had already been nabbed! 

I have already tried the original primer potion and wasn't overly impressed. However Sin has been on my eyelids for the past two days, I really like it. I wore it with Urban Decay Oil Slick in the crease of my eye and the primer on its own in the corner and it looked great. Today I just wore Sin on its own and it looked really pretty. I'm looking forward to trying Greed and Eden when blended out looks like it will be a good primer under shadow but I wouldn't wear it on its own like Sin and Greed.

Thank you Shane xxx


  1. Looks like a really great set! Ive only ever tried the original one but i loved it!


  2. I picked this up during the summer on my way home from holidays & I absolutley LOVE them! I paid 25euro for the set of 4 so you got yourself a bargain! x

  3. I have the original its only a tester but I find no difference in it and the two faced primer I won in the compeition from you. I like them both. They both stop creasing and look the same and feel the same lol. But I like the colours of the others one shown above and how you can wear them alone for days when your just not bothered. Hows your mac lipstick going? I remember when Jason bought me my first mac eyeshadow quad last month I was so protective of it and proud. Dont you just wish you had the money to splurge on all these beauty products xx


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