20 November 2011

Vamp Date Night!

I recently went to see Breaking Dawn and thought I would vamp up my look for the occasion.

Both these products are pretty ancient, I "borrowed" them off my mam over a year ago and god only knows how long she has had them! You can tell from the Bourjois pencil it hasn't been looked after very well.

Swatches: on the left Lacome 383 Caprice De Soie and on the right Bourjois Paris eyeliner pencil in 06 Violet Artiste, who said you can't use eye-liner as lip liner aye!

I got a few people asking me what lipstick it was so I thought this post would be helpful.


  1. Oooh so brave and so gorgeous! I am OBSESSED with finding a really dark lippy atm and this looks like it might just be the answer! Thankyou soo much ;) you look gorge and very twi-light (or should I say twi-dark) appropriate ;)


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    You rock! Bye for now :-)


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