29 January 2012

January Favourites

I bought this Bourjois shadow set on Beautyemporium.ie for very little. I think its perfect for beginners with its set by set instructions to help guide you.

I am loving virgin by Urban Decay in the Naked palette. I have been applying it on my brow bone to highlight it.

A great black chunky pencil by Fearne. I have blogged about these pencils Here before. I am really love using this on my lash line because its so chunky it takes seconds to apply and doesnt leave my eyes watering like other eyeliners.

Really fun lashes, great shape and quality.

I have used this on my skin EVER SINGLE day this month. I love it. It doesnt give full coverage but because ive been taking care of my skin this month it leave a nice finish and Im confident its enough coverage for me.

Another product I have been using every single day this month is the NYC blushable creme stick in big apple blush. I received this for christmas and I am so glad I did. Once I find it in the shops i'm going to stock up.

Great for getting every single lash and leaves them looking long and luscious.

A fun product to use, I have blogged about this Here

After trying the LUSH lip scrub in mint I had to get my hands on another one. This one is delicious (though your not suppose to eat it!) Leaves my lips feeling lovely and soft.

In this photo I am wearing the Bourjois eye shadow set, virgin shadow on brow bone, Fearne chunky eye pencil, eyelashes by just lashes, NYC blush and the Barry M lipstick.

There you go ladies, my January favourites. Have you tried any of these products? If not you really should. The are all inexpensive and worth the try I think.


  1. Replies
    1. Pity they take an age to get on or id wear them more!

  2. Glad that you are enjoying the BB Cream and Barry M lipstick! :) x x

  3. I LOVE Virgin too, it's my go to highlight colour for the brow bone and inner corner.


  4. i love the bubblegum scrub and it tastes so nice too!

  5. Those lashes look fierce on you :)

  6. Great post! too bad I cannot find most of these products in my country!



    1. You should do a swap with someone then :D best way to try products from other countries :D

  7. hey you have lovely favorites..lovely blog

    m following you now, would love if u follow back...


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