21 March 2012

Oil me up...

Here I have different types of oil's from three different brands for three different uses. Three is the magic number! I recently replaced my lotions and potions for oil products to see what all the hype is about.

First off I have the Hask, Argan Oil from Morocco. Well actually it's from Penneys and it cost me €2.50! I have spend the last few months trying to persuade myself to shell out over €30 on Moroccan oil but to no avail my good side was having none of it. I brought my bad self into Penneys and seen this product sitting on the counter. €2.50 I thought to myself, why not. I checked the ingredients on-line when I got home and compared to Moroccan oil both products are nearly the same. The oil is orange in colour and smells lovely. I have been putting it in may hair just before blow drying and sometimes in the evening if my scalp feels dry I have been putting some on before I go to bed. It left my hair feeling softer than it has in a long time and the girls at work commented on its lovely shine. If I see this again, which I doubt I will because its become very popular through word of mouth I will buy it again.

Next up we have an all in one body oil by human + kind, skincare with a conscience. I have been using this all over the gaff and by that I mean my legs, bum, back, belly, boobs, arms and neck. After getting out of the shower every morning I put this oil on and it feels lovely. I feel like my skin is locking in all that moisture. As well as making my skin feel gorgeous and soft its also full of lovely natural ingredients which increase skin elasticity preventing stretch marks. Its yellow in colour and has a lovely sweet smell to it. As you can see the bottle is half empty and I have been using this every day for two weeks. The only negative I have is at €14.95 I feel the bottle could be a little bigger with more product especially at the rate I'm going through it! It is worth mentioning that Human + kind is an Irish company who like to develop products that benefit all skin types and have multi-functioning purposes. 

Lastly I have Shu Uemura cleansing oil and I received this in my goodie bag at the Beaut.ie event in Brown Thomas months back. I have only used it a few times. It is a cleansing oil and from what I can gather...remember I'm not an expert on any of this stuff.. its for face/removing make-up.??? There was no instructions on the packaging and I always associate cleansing with yo face! I tried it to remove make-up one evening and it left my face..well, very oily! I didn't like it. The sensation made me want to throw my head into a sink of water and scrub scrub scrub! Brands such as this usually intimidate me anyway, with their bare packaging and lack of instructions. This was only a sample size, 150ml cost over €35

In conclusion I have really enjoyed trying out oil based products and will definitely be replacing my body lotions and potions with more products like these. I was really impressed with the Argan oil from Penneys not only because of its price but I never expected one easy step before blowing drying my hair to have such immediate effects. I will continue to use the all in one body oil by human + kind but may have too look into buying something with more product that will last longer. As for using oil on my face I haven't fallen in love with the idea of that just yet.


  1. I really like 'oils' too - the santuary facial oil is great as night boost and never breaks me out.
    Recently, I'm also using the new Nivea Q10 body oil... it smells amazing!!! xx

  2. I need to try this Primark oil! Unfortunately, it always seens you guys in Ireland have different products that us...

  3. I love that Shu cleansing oil (yep it's for your face) but have only used samples so far, have yet to shell out for the big bottle!

    Also love the Human+Kind but haven't tried the Penneys stuff, will definitely pick it up next time I spot it!

  4. I got the argan oil in my local chemist for €4!!

    €2.50 in Penneys? DEAL!

  5. My mam bought the Moroccan oil from the hairdressers and it was quite expensive so after telling her about the argan oil in pennys! Thanks for reviewing :)


  6. I bought the argon oil from penneys last week. I need to remember to use it, sounds good x

  7. I am in love with that Pennys Oil. It smells like choccie orange. I think there are a good few left in my local if you want me to pick u up a back up but shock horror it is €2.99 in ours :-0

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