20 December 2012

Festive Nails by The Nail Affair

I'm delighted to have Audrey from her blog The Nail Affair doing a guest post for us today. She is one talented cookie when it comes to nail art. She has come up with these festive Christmas tree nails which I think will be easy peasy for anyone to do. You must also check out her Snow man and Santa Claus tutorial if you are looking to do festive nails this Christmas.

Christmas Tree Nails
Hi all! Audrey here from The Nail Affair. I was so honoured when Sarah asked me to do a post for her, especially a festive one :) If there’s one thing I love it’s festive nails, I start wearing them as early as possible. So today I'm here to show you a little DIY! As I type this I’m listening to my specially made Christmas playlist! Definitely feeling festive ;)

I started off with a coat of Models Own Snow White which is my absolute favourite white! If you’re looking for a good white, I could not recommend this one more!! Opaque in 1 coat, though I always do two for good measure.
Then I took a thin brush, usually I would use a striper brush but I could not find it. Paint a thin line down the middle, this is our tree foundation. For this green I simply used a green nail art colour.
From here paint two triangles, one on top of another to give your tree a nice pointy shape.
Then you just have to fill it in. Alternatively you could just do one big triangle

 Where would a tree be without decorations?? I came up with a few options for decorating. You could (over) use the rhinestones which I did as a tribute to my tree which follows no pattern or colour theme. I love our tree and I’ll definitely continue the tradition with my own tree. You could also just dot polish over your tree as baubles. Maybe some tinsel~ Or even Christmas lights.
I've put in a super small tutorial for this. Simply draw a super thin black line, and then add coloured dots to that. Looks silly on it’s own but on your tree, I think it looks super!

So that’s all there is folks, thanks so much again to Sarah for letting me do this! If anyone does decide to these please send me pictures at my twitter!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!! And a wonderful New Year full of amazing manicures ;)

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  1. Looks so cool!! Thanks so much again Sarah :D

  2. THIS is why I need long nails! So pretty!

  3. aw wish i had seen this before xmas, defo bookmarking for next :) x

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