20 June 2012

1950's Beauty Adverts

I came across this delight today and had to share it with you. I think most girls out there wish they grew up in the 50's. Pretty dresses, glamorous hair styles and elegant make-up looks. I would love to dress like a 50's gal everyday! Feast your eyes on this.

What's your favourite era? 


  1. Oh I love the 50's! It's the theme for my hen night, can't wait!

  2. Definitely the 50's, everyone looked so glam, it's just such a shame that people don't dress like this anymore!

  3. this is amazing, i'd love to have born in the 50's, or sometime around then. i love vintage :D xo


  4. I'd have been frigged if I lived in the 50s, nothing would give me beautiful curls! And lip quick!! Whatever happened to it and the 8 exciting shades?! Lol Richard Hudnut was some boy!!

  5. I agree I would love to have lived in the 50's. Women were so feminine graceful and ladylike I would have suited this era much more than today. Plus I would have also loved to live in the swinging sixties it must have been an amazing era. x


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