24 June 2012

Dovely and Calm

Dove have launched an exhibition exploring what dove means to women everywhere. Dove have invited anyone who loves Dove to make a design involving the Dove symbol to represent what Dove means to them.

What does Dove mean to me?
Dove to me means confidence and being prepared. I depend on dove to get me through the day. As a Pre-school teacher each day is different from the last. I can plan my lessons but I've no idea where they will lead or what I’d be getting myself in for with a class of 13 children, all under the age of five. Dove keeps me calm and comfortable so I can get through my day. 

I thought it would be a fun idea to involve my class so they coloured in these doves and then I incorporated them into my design using a scanner and Photoshop.

I would really appreciate it if you could like my design on Facebook HERE

The first one hundred people to submit designs will have their work made into postcards and each week the design with the most likes will be featured on the Dove Facebook page. The Dove by you exhibition Facebook campaign ends on the 16th of July.

Thank you gals for all your support.



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