11 June 2012

Sunshine and Carousels Review

I have been meaning to do this review for months. Finally I've got my ass into gear this evening, took photos and have plonked myself down at the laptop. 
I want to tell you about Erin, she is the owner of one of my favourite blogs of all time - Carosello. She is a wife and a mother who lives in the Tulsa Oklahoma

Erin blogs about Outfits of the day and I love her taste. She also does craft and recipe posts. You would want to check out her blog if you are looking for fun party ideas. She is just AMAZING! After finding her blog I also found her Etsy Store and immediately fell in love with all the wonderful things she makes.

Naturally enough I wanted to order something from her store but my cheap skate instincts took over! I ordered the miss-molly mustard yellow satin bow hairband at $14 and two Headbands in Mustard yellow and Purple at $12 each. I ordered these because (a) I thought they where super cute and (b) they are some of the more affordable items in her store. You should see the stunning fascinators she makes in her store they are amazing but at $58 they are a little out of my price range. If I had a special wedding to go to I would think twice about them. 

The quality of these items are amazing. Thinking back on how much I paid for these you would pay nearly twice that in any store here in Ireland. As far as I can remember they didn't take too long to get too me which was impressive coming from America. They were also very nicely wrapped.

Pre-hair cut photo, also excuse lack of make-up!

I rarely see women over the age of 18 wearing hair bands but I think they are so cute. Especially since I had my hair cut and got myself a fringe. I've already picked out another hair band from Sunshine and Carousels store and will be purchasing it after PAAAYDAAAY! 



  1. love the way you do your photos x

  2. Yeay comments are fixed:) Love these, they look so cute especially with your gorgeous new hair!


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