24 June 2012

Shoutout: Fitz N Bitz

Today I want to do a shoutout for the wonderful Laura of Fitz N Bitz. I don't know everything about Laura but what I do know is that she is a lovely person, honest, genuine, friendly, confident and absolutely stunning. When I started blogging Laura's blog was one of the very first I started following. I can remember how amazed I was at her funky blog, her catchy banner and her posts had me hooked. She really doesn't leave anything out when it comes to her reviews. She also has a slight obsession with INGLOT which is fab, I find out about the latest deals and INGLOT events from Laura.

I got to meet Laura at the Dublin meetup in December last year and although I didn't get to chat to her for much of the day I got to experience meeting the same wonderful person I had imagined while reading her blogs. She had a good aul laugh at me buying myself an ice-cream cone with enough sprinkles to turn me into one! 

I also had the pleasure of staying with Laura at the Cork meetup. I was a bit nervous about staying with someone I hadn't really known but it was grand. I can 100% assure you that Laura is not a murderer! To find out more about Laura check out her About me section on her blog. 

One thing I admire about Laura is that she has a real passion of beauty. She isn't focused on views, she blogs because she loves it. On her Youtube channel she recently made an Irish Beauty Blogger and an Irish Beauty YouTuber video and she included all the Irish girls she could find. I thought that was so nice and thoughtful of her.

You can also find Laura on YoutubeFacebook and Twitter. Please check her out.



  1. Awh how nice, she seems like a lovely girl! Its great you got to meet, I have yet to meet anyone from blogging, due to the fact that I'm on the other side of the world from most!

  2. this is such a nice post, she seems lovely! xo


  3. aww lovely post she seems really nice x

  4. Awh Sarah, this was unbelievably nice of you! Thank you so so much, you have completely made my day :) xo day

  5. Yeah she is such a lovely girl. I dont know her that well but I think the same as you! She put alot of time and effort into that video. And Im so greatful to her for including me! x

    1. It brightened up my week to be included along side all the other lovely bloggers and you tubers in those videos :D


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