26 June 2012

Facebook's New Promote Button

I thought this post might interest any of you lovely people out their with Facebook pages for their YouTubes or blogs. Recently you may have noticed this status knocking around on Facebook, I myself have mentioned it on my Facebook page.

"Due to Facebook's new policy, only about 10%-20% of you that like my page will see the status updates I post, despite the fact you've liked it. To make sure you get to keep up to date, please visit my page and just click / hover over the 'Liked' button & activate the 'show in news feed' option."

You may have also noticed the Promote buttons at the end of each update on your page.

If the photos below aren't clear enough you can click on them to enlarge.

The promote button is a way for everyone who has liked your page to see it in their news feed. It is already impossible for every single person to see your status updates in their news feed, especially if they have liked a million zillion pages and have three million friends (you know the type I'm talking about). If they haven't adjusted their settings on your page to 'Show in news feed' it is also less likely your updates will show in their feed. I decided to promote one of my status updates during the week to see how worth while it was to use this promote option.

                       Paid views |  Total views
Day 1:        87               202
Day2:        139              264
Day3:        178              314
Last Day:  216             355

You have two options when paying for your promotions. £4 which gives you an unknown figure as to how many people will see your post or £7 which according to my Facebook estimates a reach of 1,600 people. I paid the £4 option and under 400 total seen my status update in their news feed. 

Would I promote again?

44% of the people who like my page seen this post in their news feeds. 27% of those people saw it because of this promotion. I consider myself a small fish in a big ocean so this is something I would benefit from now and again, maybe if I had an important post that I wanted to make sure everyone would see. However at the moment financially it would not benefit me to use this on a daily/weekly basis. I use my Facebook page to keep people up to date on new videos and blogs. It's not how I make a living, it's a hobby for me so it wouldn't make sense for me to use the promote option too often if at all.

Would you use this new option Facebook have introduced? 


  1. Oh i dont know how I feel about this..I think maybe a few months down the line I might start using it..Thanks for the heads up..I never even noticed it :)

    1. Yeah its an odd one alright. I think Twitter is the best thing for promotion.

  2. fantastic pictures honey ;)
    I hope you have a lovely day


  3. Great post! It is quite annoying as not all followers are on blogger, so it's a great way to share posts. However, I reluctantly get that Facebook may as well benefit when so many pages are used to promote businesses which might have income. Pity for those of us who do it just as a hobby! I've seen loads of people say about the status thing to make sure you've selected 'show in my news feed' etc and I've posted about it myself. But I've gone onto a few pages I like myself and that seems to be already selected for all of them, so I wonder whether this actually works? Hmmm...anyways, at the end of the day I'm sure those that are really interested will find a way to keep up! :) We shall see! x

  4. That is such a good point to make, if people are interested they will check it out. There is no point in me spending money to rub my page in peoples faces if they aren't interested.

    1. too right! :) so long as we're happy Sarah! :) x


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