13 June 2012

Breast Talk Bra Appeal

In the recent Glamour magazine which I only bought for the free Benefit sample I read the smallest piece. In fact it is only one sentence long and is about how you can donate your unwanted bras to women in Africa who can't afford them.

I went onto the website where you can make your donations for future information because I thought it was a great idea. I went onto www.breasttalk.co.uk  to find out more information on how to donate. Unfortunately I don't know if it is down to my own sillyness, maybe the appeal is over or maybe it hasn't begun but I was unable to find anything connected with the magazine piece.

I did however find information on where you can donate your unwanted bras and they will be used to generate cash for Breast Cancer research. They get £1 per kilo of unwanted bras donated towards the charity.

I am still a little puzzled as to why Glamour have said the unwanted bras go to women in Africa who can't afford them. The website says "We raise money for breast cancer research by giving the bras we collect to BCR Global Textiles. BCR sell them to traders in third world countries to which helps support and supply their own local economy" If they are giving them to traders in third world countries does that mean they are then selling then used bras to women, not donating them? 

What Types Of Bra Can You Donate?
- Any style - but not too sexy or see through.
- Any Size - Especially very large or very small sizes.
- European sizes are fine.
Maternity or Nursing bras are fine.
How To Donate Your Bras
Please post all bras to the address below in a small Jiffy type bag or box.
YOU MUST wash all bras before you post them.
Check the straps and clasps are in working order and there are no rips or tears.
If you are sending new bras please let us know they are new .
Non UK Donations: Unfortunately we can only accept donations from the UK or European Union.
If you are in the USA the please take a look at Donate your Bras who do a similar thing to us. 

Post Your Bras To:
BreastTalk.co.uk - Bra Appeal
PO Box 71
Craven Arms

I only have three bras at the moment that are in good enough condition to give away but after reading the information on what types of bras you can give away mine do not qualify. Too sexy and see through! I will defiantly keep this appeal in mind of the future.

Do you have any unwanted, unsexy bras that are too small, too big or just taking up space in you lingerie draw and  haven't seen the light of day in a while? Go have a look and see if you can donate today.



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  2. That's very interesting, I bought that magazine as well but haven't gotten around to reading it, all the adverts put me off, I hope they do actually give them the bras for free!


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