10 June 2012

Cath Kidson Nails

I had so much fun doing my nails this morning I decided to video a tutorial for you gals and share it with you. The design itself is so simple to do and once you have your base colour down it only takes a few minutes to do.

Base colour using Mint Cream by E.L.F

You can use any white polish with a tooth pick or dotting tool to create these dots which will form the centre of your flower.

Then using the same dotting technique you can create your petals and leaves.

I love Cath Kidson, I have had my eye on a bag in their store in Dundrum for months. I thought it was too mammyish when I first saw it but its just too cute not to get.


  1. They are awesome! You must have the patience of a saint :) xo

  2. these are amazing, you're really getting a hand of the whole nail art thing :) xo


  3. Looks beautiful! Will definitely try this out :)



  4. I love Cath Kidston too! These are gorgeous! Have you been to the Outlet store in Kildare Village- well worth a look, really good range of the bags for way less! I always come out with loads of stuff! :-) Great post!x

  5. They look even better in person!


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