29 June 2012

Run Adoreabubbles Run

I know I've been asking a lot of you girls lately but this is by far the most important request. In September I will be taking part in the Killarney Women's Mini Marathon 2012, in aid of Barnardos. Barnardos work is about helping children make the most of their lives, regardless of what they're up against. They operate 42 centres in communities across Ireland. Barnardos work with families to improve parenting skills and tackle issues of poverty, domestic abuse, addiction and the impact these problems have on children.

 I will be seeking contributions for this event on-line and offline. 

Offline my plans are to place donation buckets at work and at upcoming family events. I also plan to knock on a few neighbours doors and accost a few bloggers I plan on meeting soon. I appreciate all donations little or large. If donating on-line is something you are not interested in and you live in the Dublin area, lets meet for tea and I can bring my sponsor card along too! 

On-line I have set up a page on mycharity.ie where you can securely make a donation. 

Thank you for your support and donations so far, I can't wait to participate in the Marathon.

Link to my Barnarods donation page: http://www.mycharity.ie/event/runadoreabubblesrun/



  1. fair play to you for doing the run, when i get older i'd love to do something like that :) xo


    1. Thank you, I haven't done it yet so lets see if I make it to the finish line!

  2. Best of luck with it, Sarah


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