10 May 2012

The BEST day!

I had the best day yesterday!  My plan was to meet up with Leanne and Julie for a bit of Lunch, which was funny because we planned to meet up at 4:15pm! So a late lunch. I also had some errands to run in town, a few parcels to send to some lovely bloggers. I got ready that day after waking up late and decided to say "F YOU" to the rain. I wore a strapless top, Maxi skirt and my favourite, over worn navy lace blazer. Yes, the rain was pouring but I refuse to dig out my winter clothes. They have bin banished to the back of my wardrobe and wont be coming out again until September.

Blazer - Next Top - Penneys Maxi Skirt - Jane Norman

I decided to be a Diva and get a taxi into town, I knew I would have been later otherwise. I nearly died when my phone went ding ding. It was an email. 

Louise is one of my all time favourite YouTubers, she never fails to put a smile on my face. She has managed to stay honest and down to earth while being a HUGE success on YouTube and her Blog.

Late lunch was delicious. We went to Calzone Cafe on South William street. Myself and Leanne had never been there before. I had home made lemonade and a Mexican beef calzone. We really enjoyed our food and I will be going there again soon!

My day was suppose to end there but the girls invited me to tag along to a Benefit event in Arnotts, Why not aye! I am so glad I did! It was very exciting ( I don't get out much). We got to hear all about the new addition to the Benefit family, Sun beam. We also heard that bad news that Moon Beam will no longer be on sale and that Sun beam will be replacing it as the better, sexier version. 

Liquid sunshine in a bottle for €26.50. Available in shops in June.

Speaking at event Mark, the field training manager for Benefit cosmetics suggested the different areas to use this product to enhance your naturally beauty. Not many people know that you can use this in more than one place, not just on your cheeky cheeks. Mark suggested using it on your nose, cupids bow, neck and shoulders and said it looks great when used with Benefits Coralista blush.

So after picking a fight with the rain, meeting two of the nicest bloggers, having one of my favourite YouTuber subscribe to my channel, being treated to champagne and mini delicious treats at the Benefit event my day got even better!! 

I got to meet the lovely Rosie, I didn't recognise her until I sat down and decided to accost her afterwards. Awkward moment before you say hello to someone and your not sure if that person even knows who you are! Gladly she did know me, or shes a very good actress!


When I got home my feckin Glossybox had arrived. 



  1. It was lovely to meet you yesterday, well we didn't really meet oficially, I'm just too shy to introduce myself to new peeps :). But next time, we should have a proper chat (if you also want to, that is). Ok, gonna shut up now :) xo

  2. Sounds like a grand day altogether!! It was lovely to seeya again missus :) Loved the skirt!

  3. Love this, what a fab day - can't believe Sprinkle of Glitter subbed, wowow!

  4. want a good day! I am going to a benefit event next week & i didn't know what to expect but i'm excited now :)

    following your blog - love it! x

  5. Haha feckin and glossybox in one sentence, love it! Looks like a really fun day out, that food looked so nice!

    joanne from jimmilou.com


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