24 May 2012

Glossybox Anniversary

I was delighted when my glossybox arrived today just two days after I received my dispatch email notification. I was actually in shock. 

In my May Glossybox I received:

Noble Isle, Summer rising bath & shower gel. Yay another feckin shower gel! They must think I'm a smelly girl that glossybox team! I am not liking the scent, it smells like a man's product to me.

Murad, Clarifying mask. I am actually delighted with this product because it is such an expensive brand and my face needs all the help it can get. Retails at £35.75 full size.

Eldora false lashes. You can never have too many eyelashes. Retails at £3.90. Not really a high end product but I like it. I'm happy.

Uniqone, all in one hair treatment. I am looking forward to trying this bad boy out I must say. Retails at £13.99.

Perfume samples. I can't say much else as I have not sniffed them yet! 

As a thank you or to include us in their Birthday celebrations Glossybox have decided to give us a lovely little compact mirror. I actually needed one as mine broke the other day. Great timing.


Note to glossy box team: Please don't sent me any more shower gels, hand creams or perfume samples. More make-up please. I feel like you should rename your company the Glossy-Skincare box. I would also like to see some English writing/instructions on all the products if possible.

Watch me open the box here!

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1 comment:

  1. Great post!! It had me in stitches!! I haven't tried glossybox yet I'm on the fence about it!! I might try them if they improve their delivery to Ireland x


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