25 May 2012

Bumble Bee & Dandelion Nails

I wanted to do a bumble bee nail look and then Aundrea on twitter asked me to do dandelions so I decided to do both! 

Both looks are so simple to do, if I can do them then anybody can.

Bumble bee:
First I painted the nail white so the yellow would stand out more. After the yellow coat was applied and dries I used a nail art brush and painted three black stripes across my nail. Then using the end of a tooth pick with I cut off to make the end more rounded I dipped it into some black and created two eyes. When that dried I did the exact same thing but used white instead. As always apply a base and top coat.

I applied a base coat and then a light blue vanrish. I used Sure Azure by Essence. I used my black nail art brush again to make the steam of the dandelions. Using a white nail are brush I then lightly painted small strokes to create the dandelion. On the two bare nails I did small strokes of white to create the effect of the dandelion flowing away in the wind.

Hope you enjoyed this,


  1. i think you did a really lovely job. these nails are so pretty. thanks for taking the time to photograph each step and explain it as well!

    xx rae

    pop by if you have time!

  2. They look so cute! Lots of photos definitely help :)

  3. they are so cute! and so summer appropriate! I think I'm going to have to crack on with some summer nail art pretty soon!
    Hannah x confessioncloset.blogspot.com

  4. So cute!!

    and creative!

    I'd make a mess!!


  5. That's gorgeous!!! Love it!!

  6. Oh wow they are so cool! Love nail art!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  7. These are the cutest.. wish i had the patience for nail art

  8. These are so cute, come to my house and do these for me please!:)


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