22 May 2012

Rainbows & Clouds Nails

I did these nails recently and got great responses on instagram and twitter so thought I would share it with you .

I used:
Sure Azure (light blue) by Essence
A red, yellow and green nail art lacquer which came with a fine tip brush.
Snow by Barbara Daly from Tesco 
A tooth pick
A piece of cardboard.

I cut the end off of the tooth pick and dabbed it into the white polish which I had on a piece of cardboard. I then did dotting motions at the tip of my nail to create the clouds.
Take your time with the rainbow, small strokes at a time until your confident enough to do one long line.
If you don't have nail art pens or brushes just use a fine paint brush or an old thin make-up brush.

Have fun and Good luck,


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